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As you can probably tell, I’m a fan of the concept of soylent (nutritionally complete food replacement). No, not the ‘soylent green’ from the movie of the same name, but instead a nutritionally complete food replacement. There have been meal replacement drinks in the past, but the recent crop of soylents, including the official Soylent from Rosa Labs, have brought the kind of convenience, nutrition, and cost that make it a viable option for much of the population.

Conceptually, soylent is a great food replacement for anyone, but what I’ve found is that for myself and many others, it is even more useful as it has allowed us to break the food addiction we suffer from.

I’m not a doctor, and my thoughts and these pages are from my experiences and those of others I’ve talked with that have had a similar experience.  As much as possible, I will cite research studies when my efforts were driven based on them.

In my experience, food addiction can be thought of as “alcoholism, but with food instead of alcohol”.  I think it’s a useful analogy because of how (relatively) well known alcoholism is.  For instance, I believe food addiction to be something you have to deal with the rest of your life, just like an alcoholic will do the same.  Just like with alcoholism, you can certainly relapse.

Also like with alcoholism, your best bet isn’t to try and limit your consumption to some small amount, but instead to stay off of it completely.  While there have certainly been medical interventions for some people that have required such situations (feeding by a tube, for instance), with the soylent options available today, it’s now simple, easy, and cost-effective to use a soylent to finally stop eating.

On these pages I’ll discuss my recommendations, research, and experiences.  There’s no ‘silver bullet’ out there, and what works for one person may not work for another, but by adopting some changes, you can get to a point where on your average day you’re maintaining a caloric deficit, losing weight, and hopefully preserving muscle in the process.

Good luck!