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Evaluating whether you may have food addiction is something that is ideally determined via fMRI or similar brain scans to see what kind of neurological reaction you have to various foods.  Those aren’t readily available for most people, of course, but thankfully in 2009 Ashley Gearhardt and others at Yale came up with a self-assessment method named the Yale Food Addiction Scale (YFAS).

The full version of the YFAS can be found on the page for it at the University of Michigan FAST Lab that Ashley heads.

Now, thankfully Ashley provided an abbreviated (7 question) online version to CBS News that is easier to take and avoids the need to figure out the scoring logic yourself.

Taking the full version of the YFAS is an option, but there are also other self-assessment methods available, for instance ones available from Food Addicts Anonymous and Food Addicts In Recovery Anonymous.